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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Minimum Wage and the Estate Tax, John Bolton (again), and AT&T (again!)

So I was horrified to learn the minimum wage was not increased (and hasn't been in almost 10 years, and it is at it's lowest dollar value in last 50 years) while the gap between rich and poor continues to increase. And of course this comes following the House voting in it's 7th straight pay raise! As if those looney freaks in the House need more money!
Beyond that, the Estate Tax has been knocked down to around 5100 affected estates, down from 30,000!

John Bolton and his newest threat that Venezuela not secure open seat on U.N. security council is just more of the same old shit. I can't stand that fuck!

It seems that AT&T is going to up the ante and piss me off enough to break contract ASAP! Now they are introducing a new policy they (AT&T and more subsidiaries than you'd ever believe!) say they own all our account info and can share it all with government agencies. This includes: usernames, passwords, charges, payments, and online purchases. Also activity will be tracked of all activity of online sites AT&T operates in partnership with Yahoo Inc.


At 1:11 PM, Anonymous jerry said...

Here is an estate tax comment for you. Currently when you die, you give your assets to your heirs, whom ever you decide that is. Unless you uber rich this happens tax free.

So if your folks die, and leave you say a house that they have lived in since 1950 you don't pay taxes on it. Further, you get to step up the basis to time of death. Meaning if they paid 25,000 for the house in 1950 died yesterday and it was worth 200K. When you sale it, you get to figure gain based on the 200k.

When bush got rid of the estate tax they also got rid of the step up.

This means that you will now get hit with 15% tax on 150, when if the estate tax was left alone you would have got hit with no tax

At 7:58 PM, Blogger Mr. E Mann said...

Jerry: Thanks for the comment. That was something I wasn't aware of and Athena and I were surprised to learn of it!

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