Web Statistics Think! It's Not Illegal...Yet!: June 2006

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

MySpace and Medicinal Marijuana Patients Get Screwed Again

So, I finally got around to starting up a MySpace site. I'm going to continue to do most of my blogging at Blogspot and to use MySpace to network and keep in touch with friends easier. So if you'd like to check it out you can click HERE!

Today, June 28, the U.S. House of Representatives defeated by a vote of 163-259 an amendment that would have prevented the DEA and the U.S. Justice Department from spending any more taxpayer money to raid and prosecute medical marijuana patients and providers in the 11 states where medical marijuana is legal.
Sure feels great to be represented by our elected officials. Maybe we'll have to have a Washington D.C. booze/coke party and throw all their booze/cocaine in the river!

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Minimum Wage and the Estate Tax, John Bolton (again), and AT&T (again!)

So I was horrified to learn the minimum wage was not increased (and hasn't been in almost 10 years, and it is at it's lowest dollar value in last 50 years) while the gap between rich and poor continues to increase. And of course this comes following the House voting in it's 7th straight pay raise! As if those looney freaks in the House need more money!
Beyond that, the Estate Tax has been knocked down to around 5100 affected estates, down from 30,000!

John Bolton and his newest threat that Venezuela not secure open seat on U.N. security council is just more of the same old shit. I can't stand that fuck!

It seems that AT&T is going to up the ante and piss me off enough to break contract ASAP! Now they are introducing a new policy they (AT&T and more subsidiaries than you'd ever believe!) say they own all our account info and can share it all with government agencies. This includes: usernames, passwords, charges, payments, and online purchases. Also activity will be tracked of all activity of online sites AT&T operates in partnership with Yahoo Inc.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Torture, U.N., Rove, Zarqawi, Congress, Climate Change, and More

I realized that I need to title my posts better when I tried unsuccessfully to find something in my own archives. :( It's difficult though when I usually rant about many subjects in single posts...
Maybe if I spent more time on doing a better job (more details, links, etc.) like Jory I wouldn't have so damn many rants per post. :)

Anyway, here we go:

I've added Dupont to the Boycotted List as I've learned they are responsible for dumping carcinogens into waterways outside their plants.

Maybe if that fuck John Bolton (U.N. Ambassador) ever trimmed that giant bush growing on his face then he could see. What a blind fool! Instead of posturing and threatening the U.N. because of a simple, small criticism of the U.S. and their show of support for the U.N. here at home (which I think is totally justified) maybe he should be working to make a better U.N. and improving our severely strained foreign relations.

I made a large comment to a great post that Jory made about Zarqawi. Check out the full post and comments if you'd like here. My comments boiled down to Zarqawi's death being worthless and his reward being a waste of taxpayer dollars. Lets all join in thanking this administration for making a martyr amongst people that already hate us.

Just wanted to give another cheer Hooray for Ehren Watada! We need as many conscientious objectors to this sham of a war as possible!

I fucking knew Rove wouldn't get indicted! Just sacrifice Libby and the administration will have once again avoided their own catastrophe with a scapegoat. And now that walking bag of sewage, Rove can start spending all his time plotting on how to cheat all the upcoming elections and undermine our democracy in every way possible. Funny, you'd think they could have picked a more appropriate nickname for him...maybe one like The Conman or asking Jory to come up with a good one for him instead of The Architect. ;)

I think it's about time United States citizens start paying attention to the world outside their home again. We have an absurd rate of incumbent reelection in congress for the simple fact that no one really wants to pay attention to what their representatives are doing in their name, nor to any real debate of issues between candidates and everyone just votes for the same old candidates. Well aside from the ridiculous way the states are districted, of course. If we don't change the districts, and start paying attention as citizens we're going to find we have NO democracy left to us any longer.

Speaking of congress, I wish I could even say there is 1 person there who I think is anything close to honest or respectable. I do enjoy times of watching old timers like Spectre and Leahy getting angry at the administration's efforts to simply bypass them and keep them in the dark with the "it's classified" answer they give to every question, but I don't really think that much of either of them since they have failed on so many crucial votes and investigations.
I think most of the House are fucking nutjobs I wouldn't trust to be capable intellectually to come together on screwing in a fucking lightbulb! And the Senate is just a giant coke party. What a bunch of blustering, crazy power-mongers. People like that Ted Stevens from Alaska. I still can't believe the audacity of that fuck...Screaming like a little bitch when it was proposed some of the money for the highways to Nowhere, Alaska be diverted to Katrina relief!
And now those fools are going to make Bush's illegal wire-tap conspiracy into law.

I've seen a couple of interviews with a guy named Greg Palast about his book Armed Madhouse. I think I might check it out as he made quite a bit of sense and claimed that he has solid evidence to back up everything he discusses in his book and interviews. If anyone knows about him or the book, leave me a comment would ya. :)

God bless psychologists. Being that the AMA (american medical ass.) and APA american psychiatric ass. (I think it's called) have declared that they won't be party to torture, the administration has turned to the psychologists. Seems to me those psychologists need to have their collective head examined! Anyone of them should be smart enough to know that torture is self-defeating, criminal behavior!
Anyway, they take these psychologists and have them work with the detainees to use their knowledge of they human psyche to find out how to break their will. Things such as finding out their worst fears (both conscious and subconscious) and then using the info as a tool of torture. I can only imagine what else they're up to in these undisclosed prisons and Gitmo...

Remember being taught as a kid in school about how our justice system being the best in the world was one of the big contributors to the United States being such a great country? Well the reality is a system that is a clogged, rarely just, corrupt, mess that has played a large part in the baseless war that has been declared on our own citizens (the so-called war on drugs which ended up being a war against many innocent citizens instead). So what does that say now about our vaunted legal system and the status of our country...?

And remember, not one thing I just ranted about is going to matter one fucking bit here soon if this climate change keeps going like it has! We have all got to find a way to do a better job before we self-destruct.