Web Statistics Think! It's Not Illegal...Yet!: May 2006

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

New Old Fiction

I've posted the last of my old fiction at Imagination Station if you'd like to check it out.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

BOYCOTTED and/or Must Be Destroyed List

This post will contain the names of companies that our family is boycotting. I'll name at least 1 reason they're each on the list, but these evil fuckers are guilty of much more than that. I hope you'll join us in VOTING with your MONEY!

I'll add updates to the list and bring it back as a new post. Feel free to comment or make suggested additions to the list.

New Additions to the list (and unfortunately I have a fucking contract with one and can't boycott yet...):

AT&T (stupid contract), Verizon, and Bell South: Volunteering names/information of customers illegally to the NSA for their illegal, Super Database they are trying to create about us.

Dupont: For the massive releases of Dioxin they are responsible for dumping into U.S. waterways. Dioxin is a known carcinogen. GMO's

Dow Chemical: Environmental Contamination, GMO's

The Fox Network: Broken down, sold out, pile of shit of a television station. I think that every show I have liked on Fox (Married With Children, Simpson's, Family Guy, etc.) has talked shit on Fox and I just wish they had been on a better channel. I hate Fox News and EVERY diarrhea ass-wipe that works for them. I won't even watch any of the good shows they play on Fox any more because of the network's clear tie to the Bush Administration.

Campbells and Mars: For attempting to get the Estate Tax repealed through shady tactics of sewing disinformation and corrupt lobbying tactics.

BOYCOTTED and/or Must Be Destroyed:

General Electric: No company has created more SuperFund sites than GE.

Monsanto: Trying to destroy the worlds seed stock and replace it with genetically mutated seed that doesn't reproduce; you must buy it again every year. GMO's.

Exxon: DIRTY Bastards! These fuckers have raped the American people for UNREAL profits! Also they refuse to clean up their messes!

WalMart: Insidious destroyer of local economy. Contributor to disinformation and corrupt lobbying. Trying to get the Estate Tax repealed.

Chevron: Another DIRTY dealing oil company. Fuck that gap-toothed bitch in every hole with dirty dip-sticks from diesel engines!

Fast Food Chains: Using poor quality ingredients, moronic employees, and putting me in the hospital! GMO's.

Proctor and Gamble: I need to do more research on specific drug companies because I'm sure most belong on the list.

Any Utah-based Company: Because I fucking HATE UTAH!

7-11: They changed the nachos and that was the only reason to ever enter one of those pig infested holes!

76 Stations: Throw away those stupid 76 antenna balls and quit advertising for those blood for oil assholes!

Texaco: More blood for oil

Enron: Energy Pirates. Gang of political/economic thugs that are tied so close to this administration that it's hard to tell where one's shriveled cock ends and the other's gaping ass begins!

Haliburton: One of the biggest shmucks of them all, Dick Cheney.

Clear Channel: Monopoly of the airwaves.

Any Media sources that aren't independent or Foreign: Sold Out, mind-numbing garbage instead of news.

Religion: Responsible for more ignorance, suffering, and death than probably anything else in human history.

The federal government (especially a Republican run one): Corruption is rampant, it wages war on it's own citizens, and misrepresents citizens both at home and our in it's dealings with the rest of the world.

GM, Ford, Etc.: Any of the automotive industry that has slowed our progression to better fuel economy or lack of need for fossil fuel.

Did I mention the State of Utah?!: The other day those stupid shit for brains stole Athena's UT tax return for money that they paid her for unemployment and tried to pretend that they thought it was mine. Also they are trying to re-issue (for the second time) my 6 year old warrant for not completing the ridiculous rehab they tried to force me into for a simple marijuana and paraphernalia bust. The first time they stole my $400 UT return and reissued my 4 year old warrant I knew I wasn't allowed to make money in UT or I'd have it stolen and a new warrant issued. So I went 6 years without making any money in their god-forsaken state and they decided that they couldn't let me get to 7 and the statute of limitations so they stole Athena's money and are trying to issue me a new warrant. BTW, the fucking judge charged me $100 more than the legal limit for my fine (which I paid every dollar of, just no insane rehab). Fuck Utah!!

Any Company, Organization, Government that has a problem with Marijuana (especially medicinal): Closed minded, evil bastards who are partially responsible for everyone that has suffered from unjust incarceration or any other suffering for Marijuana. Also for wasting the millions and millions of dollars that have been lobbied to keep up the ridiculous and unfounded attacks on peaceful citizens and on media propaganda to sway public opinion.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Prison Population

Jory has blogged a couple times recently about the drastic and rising prison population percentage here in the U.S. You should check the post out if you haven't. I commented there about the U.S. soon just having the poor class be a prison population slaving away for the rich and I don't think that is that dramatic of a speculation. Here's a few more stats that I just got recently from MPP. This situation is deplorable and must change!

"Almost 2.2 million people — or one in every 136 U.S. residents — are behind bars.
In fact, the U.S. has more people in prison for drugs than all Western European counties have in prison for all crimes.
To say this is an outrage would be an understatement. But there's more ...
The incarceration rate of black men in the U.S. is now higher than it ever was during Apartheid in South Africa.
Indeed, almost 12% of black men between the ages of 25 and 29 are currently in prison or jail in the U.S. And, in our nation's capital, fully half of all black men between the ages of 18 and 35 are in jail or otherwise caught up in the criminal justice system.So what’s the solution? In part, we should stop arresting more than 700,000 people annually for marijuana and putting many thousands of them in jail."

I hate thinking of these titles sometimes!

These days most major companies have either outsourced to other companies or completely other countries to achieve a lower quality job for a higher price to the consumers.
When our power and gas company PG&E sends out anyone to our house they are small time, privately contracted people. The same for DirecT.V., Cox, Sears (for any delivery or repairs), etc. I don't mind the fact that it gives the little guy a chance to make some money, but that they contract for the cheapest source means they get underqualified people most of the time. Half the people that have come to service, repair, or install anything at our house have known less than I do about what they were doing lately. I ended up getting our high-speed internet going when the tech couldn't, I ended up fixing our washer when the 3 different techs they sent out couldn't, I had to light the pilot light for the gas man, etc. and I'm not specially trained or talented in any of those fields!
It seems like a lot of money is going around for inadequate service and most of the money is funneled to the top of the corporations. And that's to say nothing of the crappy quality of our outsourced products that are cheaply made (in every part of the process) and meant to break down fast so you have to replace them.

So I wonder what the dollar amount would be if it was calculated: How much has been spent (both by government and the private sector) on the average individual in this country in an effort to try and manipulate or control them in some way, shape, or form?

I saw a program a few weeks back that was discussing the administration's true colors showing when it came to oil. One more shady item to mention amongst the now huge number of them is that Venezuela now has more oil available than any single O.P.E.C. nation. Chavez, the Venezuelan president, has offered us a deal on oil that is 1/3 off the price per barrel that we're getting raped for now. Of course, that won't make Bush and his cronies any money so their dead against it. So not only are we paying ridiculous amounts per barrel now (HUGE winfall profits of record margin quarter after quarter) but we could be paying less if not directly because this fucked up administration refuses to cut some of their ties with the middle-east and lose a little of those insane and unethical profits.

"Republicans and some Democrats said predictions of a takeover are premature because the Republicans have structural advantages such as a political map where districts have been redrawn to put the party's incumbents in the House of Representatives into relatively safe districts.
That means Democrats have relatively few opportunities to pick up the 15 seats they need to gain control. In the Senate, the Democrats need to pick up six seats." We need to erase the board and redraw these fucking districts! They are part of the destruction of our democratic process.
Also they are part of how this administration cheated the last 2 elections.
I heard another part of how they cheated in the last 2 and plan on cheating even worse in2008. They have been sending the lower quality polling machines to poor and highly democratic areas of population so they can get away with tossing out MILLIONS of ballots, disenfranchising those citizens completely. Anything from an extra dot on a page errors, miscounts, bad addresses, etc. is happening with these old machines and causing the vote to be nullified. As for the bad address part, and you're jsut going to love this shit!, thousands of the ballots discounted for bad address where ballots of soldiers serving in Iraq! Also there have been ballots found outside polling stations right in the fuckng dumpster and the word is that the republican'ts are going to try just straight dumping them on a far broader scale in 2008. What a giant, fucking mess!

And a giant Hooray for that fecal eating, waste Ken Lay! I hope he gets raped by some giant white collar bull queer!

Now if we can ever just nail that fucker Scooter and get to the super henchman, Cheney, it will be a great day for justice!

I have some new additions for the boycott list, but it's time to play some dodgeball with Mat! ;) I'll have to get them up tomorrow.