Web Statistics Think! It's Not Illegal...Yet!: October 2005

Sunday, October 30, 2005

Little Bronco Post

Ok, I didn’t get my Bronco post done in time. So, before the game starts I’ll just hurry and make a few of my points and we’ll hope it works out this way.

#1: Give the ball to Bell. Stop playing him for only 1/3 of the carries! Look at the averages and pull your heads out of your asses and give Bell more carries than Anderson!

#2: Don’t just give it to Bell up the middle. Keep using the pitch and screens and eventually he’ll break the long one, every game!

#3: With the field spread, using Bell and his speed and pitches and screens, you can then use the play-action and the roll-outs for Plummer’s best chance for success.

#4: Bring the intensity and capitalize on more opportunities instead of assuming “We’ll get them the next time around…” My guess is the Eagles are going to come to play today!

#5: Be prepared for bad officiating. (Last week was HORRIBLE officiating!!)

#6: Don’t get predictable on offense!!

If we can manage to do these things, I think we can take the Eagles today! I’ll get to my more in depth post soon. It’s getting close to ready to post…

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Big F'ing Post ; )

Ok, like Jim Morrison said, (Box Set, Disc 1 Without a Safety Net) while telling us about The Death of Rock and Roll: “I got a few things on my chest and I gotta get ‘em off! Now, listen, listen, listen…”. So, lately I’ve been working on a post, in notes, many scrawled after late night news/volcano, cookie, and/or beer sessions. This is what was legible or intelligible of it… ;)

Ok, just to remind everyone: READ Crimes Against Nature, by Robert F. Kennedy Jr. It’s short and fast to get through (especially if you’re familiar with any of the subject matter) if you can handle the emotions it brings up and keep reading. (I had to take breaks…too angry!)

I saw part of a news show, on the LINK channel, from 2004. It was on soldiers in Iraq and their morale. I only saw part of it and I’m not sure of the numbers they were quoting but it was interesting. They were saying (at that time, of course) that there had already been 1000 soldiers who had lost their life. The crazy part of the show was that they were saying there had been 49 suicides by that point, amongst soldiers. They said there had been 27 of them right in Iraq and 22 of them once they got home. So, what does that say with almost 5% of the loss of life to that point being by way of suicide…? Either that suicidal people enter the military, or something about what was happening there/to them made them feel so horrible to have been a part of that they took their own life rather than live with the shame etc…

So, I heard some excerpts from a rant given by a republican congressional representative from Alaska (can’t remember his name, off-hand). I couldn’t believe it when I heard him break into vehement yelling at the mere mention of perhaps taking some of the money Bush gave to Alaska [for some of Bush’s famous Highways to Nowhere, Pork-Overwhelmed Highway Plan (I’m sure it was in some exchange for ability to pillage Alaskan wilderness)] to help with hurricane relief and rebuilding. Yep, United We Stand…Under the almighty $$

You know who I miss, quite often since they were no more? Rage Against The Machine! Think if Rage and Tool would join forces for a U.S. Tour at this point in time!?! I would have to wash my shorts from the orgasm. I would love to get to see that show…it’s just too bad that even many of the people there wouldn’t get it.
And that brings me, unfortunately, to reality…Audioslave. Oh how far my heroes have fallen! The first album was only tolerable because of the ghost of Rage. The latest stuff I’ve heard/seen of them makes me ill. Chris Cornell is a washed-out, has-been, crappy lyricist/singer! And with crap like that up front it’s no wonder that the band has suffered a loss of intensity/their edge. I watched Cornell sit back (because he’s a shit-head with nothing to say) and let Tom Morello (who I love as a guitarist) try to be the front man in their interviews and that hideous performance they put on for Cuba. (Pretty much pretending they were still Rage or something). I miss you my Rage of old!! (Can’t believe it’s only been 5 years with no Rage, feels like longer.)

And now for something positive to break up my rant. Like most people (except I’m right, hehe) I think my kid has to be the cutest! He imagines he is hanging out with Captain Planet and the Planeteers, or with Scooby and the gang. He uses his power of Heart (his name is close to Mati so he uses Heart) (and Athena is “Water” and I’m “Fire” when we play together). He also often says, “My love you Gaia!” (he mostly says My instead of I still, and it’s been too cute to correct much yet) and he tells the other Planeteers what their mission is and what Gaia is saying. Then he’ll have them combine their powers to be Captain Planet. When he plays Scooby Doo, he is always Shaggy. ;) He shouts stuff like "Gang Way!" and runs around telling Scooby to watch out for all the different bad guys (the Creeper, Ghost Clown, Ghosts, Mummy, Robot, etc.) Then he gives Scooby some Scooby Snacks before making an especially villain laden run. ROFL
He also likes Star Wars/Trek so I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before he’s imitating them (hopefully not to the level of wanting to go to conventions, haha). (“Ramming Speed!” and “Perhaps today is a good day to die!” right, Jory! LOL)
Sometimes he will also pretend he’s hanging out with family or some of our friends. I’ll hear him talking in the background and suddenly realize he’s talking about hanging out with Grandmas, Grandpas, Uncles, Jory and Joey, etc.
I sure love that boy and can’t wait for his little sister! It could really be any time now (most likely in more like 3-4 weeks) since Athena has been feeling the contractions getting started. I hope it goes at least as smooth as Mat’s birth!!

Ok, back to the rant…I cannot stand that stupid-ass, evil b*stard Tom Delay, and his fake, pasted-on grin! Nor can I tolerate anyone in this conniving, greedy, corrupt, fascist administration, posing as democratic leaders of United States citizens. People like Cheney, Bush, Rove, Rice, Rummy, Powell (yes I know he’s finally gone, but he still counts on my list), the Supreme Court and Congress (yes, they count too…you’re crazy if you think checks and balances beats re-elections/appointments and $$), etc. I can only hope they don’t all find a way to get out of their terrible plots, unscathed.
If I have to hear one more right-wing dupe use the idiot, Republican catch phrase of the day, “The criminalization of politics”, I’m going to do everything in my power to erase them from the face of the planet (as we don’t need one extra stupid person around)! Since when have politicians not been criminals (hell, campaign finance and lobbying are nothing more than legalized bribery)!?! You can’t criminalize someone who is already a f*cking criminal! Also, check your spelling/grammar before you speak before the nation! Criminalization isn't even a word (according to my dictionary and 2 different spell checks).
I swear, I nearly crapped my pants and started crying for Athena to clean me up (no having a child has not lessened my dislike of poop when it’s touching me, even if it’s mine!) when I first heard the word from the Right. I could not believe I was hearing about this “criminalization of politics”, and how perjury isn’t a crime, and how this is just an attempt by the Dems to damage the Reps!
Could someone refresh my memory and tell me: Just how much time, money, labor, and media, was totally wasted by Reps!? And how much career sabotage, destruction of bi-partisanship, and national embarrassment did the Republican’ts cause in a vain effort to impeach a President for perjury, regarding getting some action with an ugly intern!? If memory serves me, (and I did try to ignore the issue as much as possible) it was months of time, in the 10’s to 100’s of millions of dollars, a virtual army of people to fill a vault with data, and hour upon hour of media on most stations. The real result of this blatant attempt to sabotage the left was putting our nation in a state of embarrassed finger-pointing, and looking like fools for all the world to see.
I don’t know which is more unbelievable: That the Republican’ts think the average citizen of this country is too ignorant to see what they’re doing, or That the average citizen of this country is that ignorant…

All right, I had better save some for later or you’ll be overwhelmed and not know what to respond to. I’ll have to get to my talk about the Broncos and the other stuff on my mind in the next posts. Hope to hear from you and comment to you soon. : )

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Utah News and the Latest Here

Well, it has been awhile since I posted anything. I really haven't had a chance/energy to even get online in quite some time! Here's a quick update and some other info.

Utah Needs Your Help
Current and former members of Hempower Utah, Mood For A Day, Utah Therapeutic Humane Cannabis Initiative (THC-I), The Utah Hemp Alliance and Church of the Hemp Goddess are attempting to start a Bona Fide Utah NORML Chapter.
Utah needs NORML to help educate the people of Utah about the virtues of Medical Cannabis as well as the injustices brought about by the current Marijuana laws of this State.
We invite you to attend this meeting to help establish a Utah NORML chapter that will help to make great changes in the way the people of Utah perceive the nature of Marijuana and it's users.
The meeting will be at:
The Salt Lake Roasting Company (Upstairs)320 East 400 SouthSalt Lake City. UtahOctober 22, 2005 at 5:00 PM
Everyone is invited to attend. Tell your friends and family.
We are looking for two bright and fearless individuals to step forward and help us complete the required minimum to start this chapter.
We are also looking for people to become members and volunteers to help distribute information for the cause of Marijuana Freedom.
Please make time to attend this meeting. Feel free to contact us, via email, if you have any questions.
** It is requested, but not mandatory, that people buy some coffee or other items to help support the coffee shop, as they were kind enough to allow us to hold a meeting there.
Thank you,
Ben Valdez
Dr. Ken Larsen
Michael Greene

Here's a chance for anyone in Utah who is serious about their rights to get involved. I wanted to get this posted sooner...but at least I got it up before the event was over.

Jory: Thanks for your comment on my last post! I had hoped, but didn't figure I would, get too much response from that one, let alone a positive one from you. ; ) I would say your fantasy stands a chance of at least being possible, but unfortunately not probable. : ( Those slippery republicans might just be capable of waltzing away, practically unscathed, to wreak more havoc.
I can't believe that this country hasn't experienced even more catastrophe than it has, especially during this administration's reign of terror. I'm worried that it won't be long before the average citizen here either has, or will have, looked around in disbelief and said, "How did we let this happen?!?" or some variation of that, when their life gets severely affected by individuals/society/government and their/it's failures. (Of course, for many of them, that won't happen until they see the world around them in ruins and still no Jesus to be seen). Actually I bet most people say "How did this happen to us?" much more often than "How did we let/make this happen?" if or when shit really hits the fan here!

Ok, people. As you see, I'm toying with the idea of responding to comments in posts like Jory has been doing. I'm thinking of doing it when it has been awhile since I've been online, then responding in the comments when I'm up to date. Maybe I'll just put up a reminder in my latest post when anyone needs to check back to our thread of comments...I'll have to think about it and let everyone know the format when I decide.

I'll get back with a post soon. There's been lots of stuff to post about lately, so I'll get busy and let you all know what's been happening with me and the family and the world here in the next few days.

Take care of yourselves and each other and remember to keep/start thinking, because it's not illegal yet!

Sunday, October 09, 2005


The political landscape of our country is a mess. Do you have any idea how long it's going to take the U.S. to rid itself of this administration, and the harm it has caused, even if we started today!?!?

There has been such a level of cronyism, corruption, and misconduct by this administration that they make the rest of Washington (past and present) look like innocents! It will take us generations, at least, (and even if we began now) just to attempt to repair the gouging and crony stocking of almost every government agency, top to bottom. Now the Supreme Court is almost nothing but lackeys since the majority are ultra-conservative (I hate their mis-use of the word conservative) or puppets for radical right wing agendas. The environmental situation is deplorable now, and getting worse every minute. And now the majority of people in charge of our safety (on every front from terrorists, to natural disasters, to our food/water, drugs, to our natural resources, and on and on...) are sold out dupes who are more concerned with money than people or freedom or preserving them for anyone else.

There go all the liberal (freedom) decisions of the past: the laws that are left to protect our environment, state/local marijuana laws and initiatives, Roe v Wade, etc., and here comes a massive wave of deregulation, more rights for big corporations (when they already get the best of both worlds of the law, since they are considered to be both a corporation and a citizen in the eyes of the law, and have the power of wealth and all that it entails), and a general slap to the face of the public of the U.S. wherever it will benefit big money!

I was going to make this post longer and more in depth, but I've been too pressed for time lately, and this was all I could write before I got too angry! Hopefully someone will have some sort of believable comment that could act as "the light at the end of the tunnel" or the "silver lining" to this mess, and can post it to cheer me up! ; )

Thursday, October 06, 2005


OK, I've been meaning to make this post for awhile, but am obviously now just getting to it. I only have a moment, so I'll be brief: When I started getting into this blogging stuff I figured it would be a good way to keep in communication with many of my friends (the ones with computers...) and a way for us to share thoughts and ideas.
First, I want to say thanks and keep it up to the people who have been following and commenting on my blog!!
Second, where's everyone else at??? (Are people just unaware that the comments are appreciated?)
Third, I don't mind comments that are personal or unrelated to the topic, but try and make at least one comment on topic first. ; )
Fourth, be sure to let me know if I should edit your name out of my posts/comments.
Fifth, I don't know how Jory feels about it, but I get irritated when he spends time researching and making a great post and either no one comments or they just make comments that are totally unrelated. Maybe he doesn't care, but it would frustrate me a little if I bothered to work hard to make a quality post and that was the result. Hell, many times I've ended up writing better comments to a Jory post than I write when posting to my own blog...
Last, from my stand-point the posts get better as the comments get better and more numerous, so keep em coming!!! And this post isn't meant to be accusatory or offensive or directed to anyone in particular...just a general desire to see more commentary amongst us now that we all live so far apart!!!
p.s. Everyone feel free to let me know if you have web-sites or blogs that you would like me to visit or link to and I'll try to check it out in as timely a fashion as I'm able. (I've been super busy lately!)

Graphic Art

Look at these pictures a graphic artist made for me! Haha ; )

I'm gonna pull a Tom and eat the shrubbery! : )

What everyone should have in their kitchen! (The Volcano and foliage, anyway.)

You could put your christmas presents under this one! (Only I bet Santa would take the tree!) Hahaha...isn't "graphic art" fun.

On a side note, I've been busy lately getting the wedding ceremony pictures uploaded and playing Warcraft 3, (we'll have to play once I beat the single player stuff and get a good feel for the game Jory) when I'm not working or hanging out with Matrim. So check the family site in the next day or two for a couple of new groups of pictures. I'm still working on a longer post for another day, so stay tuned...

Sunday, October 02, 2005


Well, I can't believe I made it past the big 27! Not much time to write now, just wanted to let everyone know that the Broncos did me proud (well they could have done better over-all...) and got a win for my 28th birthday.

Athena is taking me out to eat at Mazzoti's, the Italian restaurant on the Plaza. We haven't eaten there yet, but everyone I know who has, has had nothing but good to say.

I also got my "girls" do finish up today exactly. ; ) This time of year, in these parts, it smells like all kinds of skunks have been run over.

I have a longer post to make here in the next day or two, and I'll also have the wedding ceremony pictures posted on the family site. Keep checking back!