Web Statistics Think! It's Not Illegal...Yet!: April 2006

Thursday, April 27, 2006

A Few New Rants

Here is some of my rants I've had lately. I've been busier than I expected lately and haven't had a chance to post much...
I have also given responses to comments that I haven't been able to get to lately. Not too many comments but my few responses are up. Also there is a new post/comments up at my other blog.

So I just learned about Secret Signing Statements. Whenever the President signs a bill, he and his lawyers make a follow-up statement that tells what the President really thinks the law means and how he intends it to be enforced. Apparently this hasn't been done too often in the past, but of course, Bush has signed an unprecedented 504 of them so far. That means that every time he signs a bill (Patriot Act etc.) he/his attorneys draw up a statement that tells what the new bill REALLY means; and we all know it's NEVER pretty when we find out the secrets behind this administration. I.E. the Patriot Act means illegal wire taps, torture, etc. are all fair game. The more I find out about the corrupted mess our government is/has become the more I am embarrassed to be a United States citizen.

It looks to me like "play-time" is about over for humanity. We're hurtling headlong into disaster and it looks more and more unavoidable every fucking day (corruption, bad environmental policy, global warming, etc)!!

John McCain is a douche, but at least he admitted he's sold out (check his last showing on The Daily Show)! Not as bad as many in this administration, as I'd say they are more akin to a virus ridden, vermin infested, month dead, whore douche!!

WHAT THE FUCK!!! So we're paying out our asses at the pump while Exxon's CEO retires having earned (that we know about) $686 million, nearly $150,000/day, for his 1996-2005 raping of the public/environment. But hey, let's not even put these fuckers under oath when we ask them a few questions about it all...!! FUCKING HORSE SHIT!!

It's time we all start realizing that we must "vote with our wallets"! It's probably the most effective vote we have left... (Check my Boycott post and help us both in boycotting and news of who we need to add to the list.)

Speaking of money... How the hell does any logical Christian (I know it's practically oxymoronic) think that it's ok to use U.S. currency? Think about these references/thoughts and tell me if you disagree: All the blasphemous references to God on the money, the pagan symbols, idol worship (tell me people don't worship the dollar!), and the story of how Jesus reacted when people tried to mix God and money (he busted out a whip and drove the money-changers from the temple if I remember correctly).

So, the only way it seems that the average citizen of this country can have anywhere close to an equal chance at life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness to that of the wealthy citizens would be to enlist the aid of secretaries, attorneys, accountants, brokers, and think-tanks for free! There is MUCH too far of a gap between rich and poor in this country and with all the advantages of the rich (and they are MANY) and disinformation sewn by their think-tanks I don't see a solution in sight.

I've decided that all these Bush/Hitler references have got to go!!
That is giving far too much credit to Bush. I'd say a more appropriate historical reference might be Bush/Nero. I can see Bush getting drunk and high on cocaine (and wacko religion) and laughing his weasle-like laugh as the U.S. burns!!

Thursday, April 20, 2006


Here we are and it's officially 4/20 again (the night of 4/19)!

It seems that marijuana has really started to come around to the main stream. LOL, I noticed Spike t.v. channel is even celebrating it. ;)

Edibles, The munchie that gives you the munchies! Today I concocted my finest edibles yet. Ganjadoodles! I have eaten one tonight to test them out, and they are great!! A fine beginning to the festivities. These cookies are strong enough for most people who indulge to want one, or less. Two, and I bet many people would either be tripping or sleeping (from which they would wake hungry and with a giant smile on their faces). :)

I enjoy the ganja food so well that I usually partake on special occasions, so it's always new again and a lot of fun. I can't wait until tomorrow!

I will try to make another post tomorrow night as I have a bunch of reminder notes to get posted and caught up on. If not tomorrow night then soon...

Enjoy your 20th of April!

Saturday, April 08, 2006

BOYCOTT/Must Be Destroyed LIST

This post will contain the names of companies that our family is boycotting. I'll name at least 1 reason they're each on the list, but these evil fuckers are guilty of much more than that. I hope you'll join us in VOTING with your MONEY!

I'll add updates to the list and bring it back as a new post. Feel free to comment or make suggested additions to the list.

BOYCOTTED and/or Must Be Destroyed:

General Electric: No company has created more SuperFund sites than GE.

Monsanto: Trying to destroy the worlds seed stock and replace it with genetically mutated seed that doesn't reproduce; you must buy it again every year.

Exxon: DIRTY Bastards! These fuckers have raped the American people for UNREAL profits for years!

WalMart: insidious destroyer of local economy.

Chevron: Another DIRTY dealing oil company. Fuck Condoliza Rice!

Fast Food Chains: Using bottom end ingredients, moronic employees, and putting me in the hospital!

Proctor and Gamble: I need to do more research on specific drug companies because I'm sure many belong on the list.

Any Utah-based Company: Because I fucking HATE UTAH!

7-11: They changed the nachos and that was the only reason to ever enter one of those pig infested holes!

76 Stations: Throw away those stupid 76 antenna balls and quit advertising for those blood for oil assholes!

Texaco: More blood for oil

Haliburton: One of the biggest shmucks of them all, Dick Cheney.

Clear Channel: Monopoly

Any Media sources that aren't independent or Foreign: Sold Out, mind-numbing garbage instead of news.

Religion: Responsible for more ignorance, suffering, and death than just about anything else in human history.

The federal government: Corruption is rampant, it wages war on it's own citizens, and misrepresents citizens both at home and our in it's dealings with the rest of the world.

GM, Ford, Etc.: Any of the automotive industry that has slowed our progression to better fuel economy or lack of need for fossil fuel.

Did I mention the State of Utah?!: The other day those stupid shit for brains stole Athena's UT tax return for money that they paid her for unemployment and tried to pretend that they thought it was mine. Also they are trying to re-issue (for the second time) my 6 year old warrant for not completing the ridiculous rehab they tried to force me into for a simple marijuana and paraphernalia bust.
The first time they stole my $400 UT return and reissued my 4 year old warrant I knew I wasn't allowed to make money in UT or I'd have it stolen and a new warrant issued. So I went 6 years without making any money in their god-forsaken state and they decided that they couldn't let me get to 7 and the statute of limitations so they stole Athena's money and are trying to issue me a new warrant. BTW, the fucking judge charged me $100 more than the legal limit for my fine (which I paid every dollar of, just no insane rehab). Fuck Utah!!

Any Company, Organization, Government that has a problem with Marijuana (especially medicinal): Closed minded, evil bastards who are partially responsible for everyone that has suffered from unjust incarceration or any other suffering for Marijuana. Also for wasting the millions of dollars that have been lobbied to keep up the ridiculous and unfounded attacks on peaceful citizens and wasted on media propaganda to sway public opinion.